Hinduism and Buddhism

Hariprasad N delivered on October 1, 2018 what he calls the essentials of Hinduism (https://medium.com/@pranasutra/the-essential-practices-of-hinduism-2478ebe8b19e).

He quotes a Hindu saint by the name of Sri Vaid ji with this list of 9 essentials:

1. Belief in the existence of a superior divine force — call it paramatma, parashakti or any other name.
2. The individual being having the freedom to perform karmas, but being subject to a limitation.
3. Karma theory  —  the fact that the result of actions is not in the individual’s hands.
4. Both the divine and the human being eternal. The divine is all powerful while the individual is limited in capability.
5. The sentient and insentient composed of Prakriti. These are distinct from the Divine.
6. An individual is evaluated on the basis of his guna (conduct), karma and swabhava (intrinsic nature)
7. Behaving with others just as they would like others to behave with the self.
8. The ten attributes of dharma  —  dhairya, kshama, dama, indriya nigraha, asteya, shuchi, satya, akrodha, dhi and vidya.
9. Each individual accepting things only on the basis of knowledge, logic and natural laws.

The early Buddhist teachings agree with a few of these hindu-essentials, and are adverse to some others.
What Buddhists and Hindus agree on are points 7 and 9. All other points are contested by the Buddhists, either wholy, such as points 1, 2, 4, 5, and 8, or partially such as points 3 and 6.

The distinctions between the two systems are rather large in number. Nevertheless both communities respect each other as well as other systems such as the Abrahamic faiths, and both communities leave each other, and other schools of thought, the space to breathe — which is quite extraordinary considering overt or covert endeavours of especially the Abrahamic systems that go on to woo people over with false information, to destroy the dharmic systems from within with unwholesome adaptations of practices, or challenge the dharmic systems from the outside.

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